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Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

charcuterie + grazing tables

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Laughter, gathering, memories, & amazing food. That is what we thought of when we set out to do this. To gather loved ones and friends around a beautiful table of hand-selected items, placed in a beautiful way, to fill our hearts and our hunger. To create moments in time that we will always cherish. Hospitality and details are important to us. Special touches from fresh flowers and vintage silverware add to the beauty and charm. The goal is to make any event comfortable, welcoming and always memorable.

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What we offer

Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

grazing tables

Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

charcuterie boards

Modern Simple Minimalist Frames

private events

Grazing Tables

Grazing Tables should be called Gathering Tables in all honesty,

because that is what they precisely do. We gather around them,

laughing and creating memories.

Each of our Grazing Tables feature hand selected artisan meats

and cheeses. Care is taken to use seasonal items for optimal flavor

and freshness. Attention to allergies or dietary restrictions are

taken into consideration . Each table is uniquely its own and

completely customizable.

Charcuterie Boards

From dinner parties and baby showers to just a date night, a personalized charcuterie board can elevate almost anything. Let us plan and craft a specialty board that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely appetizing. Specialty boards for desserts and holidays are also available.

Private Events

Life happens, which means celebrations also happen. It can be overwhelming, or you could just need some guidance. We can be there to assist you. From menu planning, chosing a color scheme, selecting a venue or just day of event coordiation, we take the stress out of your hands.

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